GW Personal Alarm Locator

The Division of Safety and Security and Division of Information Technology provide a mobile safety app for the University called GW PAL, or Personal Alarm Locator. When installed and opened on your iOS or Android smartphone, this app acts as a mobile silent alarm that can alert the GW Police Department if you’re in trouble and send them your exact location. You can also use GW PAL to submit crime tips to GWPD. Other features include a shortcut to the 4RIDE call line to find a safe ride home while on campus, and a log of recent GW Alerts.


Download GW PAL for iPhone

Download GW PAL for Android


How to Use GW PAL:

When you install the app, fill out your user profile with your name, an emergency contact and other important information for emergency responders, such as current residence or health information.

To alert GWPD of an emergency, tap “Activate” and then “Help.” Your GPS location and an optional text message will be sent to GWPD.

Once you have alerted and/or called to report an emergency, GPS live tracking will be enabled. Live tracking allows GWPD dispatchers to receive continuous location updates during emergency situations. Live tracking can be turned off at any time by selecting "Stop".


Screenshot of the user info screen of GW PAL

1. Enter your information


Screenshot of the activate screen in GW PAL

2. Tap Activate


Screenshot of the Help screen in GW PAL

3. Tap Help to alert GWPD



*Information is sent to GWPD only upon selecting the "Help" to send an alert, or by submitting a tip. "Activating" the application does not send a GPS location or alert.

**If you are located outside the boundaries of our Foggy Bottom or Mount Vernon campuses the app will prompt you to dial 911 for emergency assistance and the alert will NOT reach GWPD.

You are also able to submit crime tips via GW PAL, along with photos or videos if desired. Tips can be sent from any location, on or off campus.

GW PAL Terms of Use and License Agreement