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 If you are seeking OAS resources, please contact [email protected] for more information about support.

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Mission Statement

The Office of Advocacy & Support (OAS) is committed to building a culture of care that empathetically supports, empowers, and respects the autonomy of GW community members. OAS will be a leader in fostering a community that values and promotes healthy relationships through confidential support and prevention programming. OAS will be a resource for GW community members experiencing trauma or any other form of violence. Our team will partner with our community to cultivate a safer, healthier, and more informed campus and society.

We are located at 520 22nd St NW Washington DC 20052. 

Advocates provide:

  • Emotional and administrative support, including coordinating interim measures, accommodations, and other supports.
  • Psychoeducation on the impact of trauma and cycle of violence.
  • Space to discuss and process feelings and reactions in confidence.
  • Referrals and resources both on and off campus. 

Advocacy Is:

  • Trauma-informed: meaning we are experts on the impact of trauma on student functioning. 
  • Survivor-centered: our goal is to reduce the burden on survivors as they navigate their recovery. We recognize that the survivor is the expert in their experience. 
  • Empowerment-based: We do not believe in telling anyone what to do; rather, we provide information to help survivors make fully-informed decisions. 

Advocacy Isn't:

  • A substitute for counseling: Advocacy might feel therapeutic, but it is not therapy. 
  • Medical Advice: While we encourage survivors to access medical care, we do not provide medical advice.
  • Legal advice: We cannot provide legal advice however we work closely with local organizations that provide free legal services for survivors. 



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