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Mission Statement

The Office of Advocacy & Support is committed to building a culture of care that supports and empowers GW community members who have been impacted by trauma or violence. We provide services designed to raise awareness and address the needs of those affected.

Advocates provide:

  • Emotional and administrative support, including coordinating interim measures, accommodations, and other supports.
  • Psychoeducation on the impact of trauma and cycle of violence.
  • Space to discuss and process feelings and reactions in confidence.

  • Referrals and resources both on and off campus. 

Advocacy Is:

  • Trauma-informed: meaning we are experts on the impact of trauma on student functioning. 

  • Survivor-centered: our goal is to reduce the burden on survivors as they navigate their recovery. We recognize that the survivor is the expert in their experience. 

  • Empowerment-based: We don't believe in telling anyone what to do; rather, we provide information to help survivors make fully-informed decisions. 

Advocacy Isn't:

  •  A substitute for counseling: Advocacy might feel therapeutic, but it isn't therapy. 

  • Medical Advice: While we encourage survivors to access medical care, we do not provide medical advice.

  • Legal advice: We cannot provide legal advice however we work closely with local organizations that provide free legal services for survivors. 



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