Crowd Control Regulations

At no time can the occupancy of a venue exceed the space’s occupant load.  Occupant load certificates are required to be posted in a conspicuous place near the main exit of the space.

  1. Assembly Occupancies (indoor events), shall be provided with a minimum of one trained crowd manager or crowd manager supervisor. Where the occupant load exceeds 250, additional trained crowd managers or crowd manager supervisors shall be provided at a ratio of one crowd manager or crowd manager supervisor for every 250 occupants, unless otherwise permitted by the following:
    1. The ratio of trained crowd managers to occupants shall be permitted to be reduced where, in the opinion of the authority having jurisdiction, the existence of an approved, supervised automatic sprinkler system and the nature of the event warrant. (NFPA 101:
  2. Outdoor Events with more than 250 persons shall require a Crowd Control Manager. IFC 403.12.3.1(2018)
    1. Number of crowd managers. Not fewer than two trained crowd managers, and not fewer than one trained crowd manager for each 250 persons or portion thereof, shall be provided for the gathering. IFC (2018) 403.12.3.1 Exceptions:
    2. Outdoor events with fewer than 250 persons in attendance shall not require crowd managers. 
    3. The number of crowd managers shall be reduced where, in the opinion of the fire code official, the fire protection provided by the facility and the nature of the event warrant a reduction.



Indoor Events

Outdoor Events

>250 Occupants

1 Crowd Manager *

No Crowd Manager required

250+ Occupants

1 Additional CM for every 250 Occupants

1 CM for every 250 Occupants

*unless exempt as outlined above