Residence Halls

Residence Hall Safety & Security

Prohibited Items

The following items are prohibited from residence halls and will be confiscated if found:

  • Candles, incense, fragrance burners, butane and butane torch lighters
  • Non-surge protected extension cords (examples)
  • Halogen lamps (all desk and floor lamps), lanterns/oil lamps and flammable liquids
  • Liquid lighter fluid (Naphtha), no more than 4 ounces
  • Portable/space heaters (unless supplied by GW Facilities)
  • Hoverboards (self-balancing scooters, battery-operated scooters, hands-free Segways)
  • Unmanned aircraft system (UAS), commonly known as a drone
  • Illegal drugs, drug paraphernalia, and/or drug manufacturing materials
  • Alcohol (if underage)
  • Weapons, including pocket knives, knives in a sheath, spears, swords, souvenir weapons, firearms, ammunition, and BB, air, pellet or paintball guns, tasers, stun guns, expandable batons or impact weapons.
  • 3D printers capable of producing any of the prohibited items. (3D printers must be registered and meet 3D printer guidelines posted on the Safety & Security website.)
  • Chemical mace or pepper spray
  • Hazardous materials (not including household cleaners)
  • Fireworks
  • Live holiday decorations (trees, garlands, etc.)
  • Live animals (unless written approval is obtained prior to boarding, per university policy for comfort/medial animals)
  • Cooking appliances in non-cooking areas including hot plates, crock pots, waffle irons, toasters, toaster ovens, George Foreman grills, sandwich makers and popcorn poppers
  • Microwaves or refrigerators (unless supplied by GW Facilities)

This list is subject to change. Fire hazards, such as candles and extension cords, are discarded. Items such as cooking appliances are donated to local charities at the end of the semester.

Fire Safety

The GW Fire Safety Plan is based on the premise that most fires are preventable and all members of the university community have the responsibility to prevent fires.

All students should be aware of potential fire hazards related to a campus environment.

Fire Extinguisher: Fire extinguishers are installed throughout GW campus, as required by DC Fire Code. Extinguishers that are out of date, damaged, discharged or missing should be reported immediately to Facilities Services at 202-994-6706, option #2.

Fire Drills: Fire drills, also known as emergency evacuation drills, are conducted in each residence hall in accordance with the International Fire Code (Chapter 4, Section 405: Emergency Evacuation Drills), and District of Columbia Fire Code.