Turf Guidelines


  • Tents may stay up for a maximum of 72 hours.
  • Tents must be secured, preferably with water barrels. If water barrels, every effort should be made to place the barrel on the brick. Water barrels must be filled on site and are not permitted on the grass unless there is a turf protecting ground cover placed.
  • Sod stakes to secure tents should only be used with Director approval and in certain areas of U-Yard and Square 80. A survey must be conducted prior to stakes being used to prevent irrigation system damage.  
  • Tents are not permitted to have a flooring unless turf protection is in place and then only with Director approval.

Vehicle Stipulations

  • Large powered vehicles (trucks, pick ups, food trucks, cars, semis, forklifts, etc.) are only permitted on the alley off of H Street next to the Law School. These vehicles are not permitted directly on the brick or grass without FPCM Director level approval. They are only permitted on the grass with a turf protective flooring.
  • Smaller powered vehicles  (golf carts, GW facility carts, etc) are only permitted on the brick areas. They are only permitted with Director level approval on the grass area with a turf protective flooring.
  • Man powered vehicles (Bikes, scooters, skateboards, roller skates, inline skates, etc.) are only permitted on the brick areas.


  • Tables, chairs, bike racks and similar items with feet - are permitted to be set up directly on the grass or brick. These items must not be dragged. These items are only permitted to be in place for a maximum of 72 hours.
  • Benches - may not be removed or relocated. If there is a need to remove or relocate benches to facilitate an event, a work request must be submitted to coordinate Facilities assistance.
  • Porta Potties - Are not permitted on U-Yard or Square 80. Unless the event host receives written permission from University Student Center and FPCM.
  • Inflatables - Are permitted on the grass. These items are only permitted to be in place for a maximum of 8 hours.
  • Generators - Are only permitted on the surrounding brick area closest to the buildings with appropriate protective ground cover.
  • Crate Bone Yards - Are only permitted to be on the brick areas and must be smaller than 10x20 feet. Equipment can not be stored onsite for longer than the duration of the reservation.
  • Barricades - Can only be used on turf protective flooring. The flooring must extend no less than 20 feet into the audience from the barricade.
  • Trash cans - GW Grounds Trash cans are permitted on both brick and grass. No large trash cans or dumpsters are permitted in the space.

Turf Protection Systems

  • Turf protection mats must be used under any staging, tent flooring, baracadies, heavy foot traffic areas, vehicle paths, and anything heavier than 200 pounds.
  • Acceptable flooring products include Matrax, Armordeck, Ultradeck, Megadeck, Duradeck, Signaroad or Durabase and must be rented from an approved vendor who has a license and liability insurance.
  • Flooring must be interlocking and have non-slip tread.

Trees and Flower Beds

  • Trees may not be drilled or nailed into. Signs, lights or tents may not be secured to trees. Single and double use hammocks are permitted.
  • No stakes may be placed in flower beds.
  • Flowers and landscaping may not be removed from the flower beds.

George Statue

  • No items should be affixed or tied to the George Statue or pedestal.


  • City Ordinance and common courtesy requires you pick up after your pet.
  • All pets must be kept on a leash at all times.
  • A Business license and Certificate of Insurance must be supplied to the University Student Center team for any vendor bringing in live animals.

Fire Pits/ Grills

  • Fire pits are NOT permitted on the grass areas without approved protective matting in place. They must not be dragged to be moved.
  • Grills must stay on the brick areas with matting.
  • Grills and firepits need to sit for 12 hours after the fire is extinguished before moving them. Reservation requests must include the time for the item to cool down.