The GW Guardian App

The GW Guardian App offers an additional layer of security to the University’s emergency mass notification services. Free to the GW Community, this personal safety app enables users on and off campus to:

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  • Receive targeted advisories and alerts from the GW Division of Safety & Facilities,
  • Connect directly with GW Police and EMeRG (GW's volunteer EMS agency),
  • Access a directory of key phone numbers that will put you in direct contact with Safety & Facilities and Student Affairs resources - such as the Student Health Center, Office of Advocacy & Support, and Safe Ride,
  • Set a Safety Timer and assign a virtual Guardian to monitor your safety late at night or while traveling, 
  • Elect to include optional, personal information to share with emergency responders - such as emergency contacts or medical alerts,
  • Invite others from the GW Community to form a more robust personal safety network.

    Guardian App Features

    The GW Division of Safety & Facilities has worked closely with Rave Mobile Safety to customize a secure, personal safety app which best meets the needs of the GW Community.  It enables us to connect and engage with you - whether on or off campus - during any emergency.

    GW Alerts

    Receive targeted notifications, advisories, and alerts via your Inbox and Push Notifications.  You can elect to share your location and receive push notifications related to on-going events in your area.

    Call Directory

    Quick access to important GW and third-party support services phone numbers, to include: the GW Office of Advocacy of Support, the National Sexual Assault Hotline, the National Domestic Violence Hotline, and Poison Control.*

    Safety Timer

    Never travel alone.  Select friends or family members to be your personal, virtual "guardians" to watch over you while you travel to your destination.  While active, you can alert your personal guardians and GWPD & EMeRG directly and notify them of your location without having to close the app.


    Chat with GW Emergency Services dispatchers to report Security or Police personnel missing from fixed posts, otherwise out of place, or to give praise. **Not for emergency communication**

    Call GWPD & EMeRG

    Connects you directly with the GW Police Department & EMeRG (GW's volunteer EMS agency).  Elect to share your current location and customizable profile, if desired.

    Call 911

    Connects you directly with 9-1-1 emergency services.  Elect to share your current location and customizable profile, if desired.

    Screenshot of the GW Guardian App Homepage featuring icons for GW Alert, call directory, safety timer, chat, Call GWPD and EMERG, and call 911
    The GW Guardian App homepage

    Customize Your Account's Personal Information

    Screenshot of the Guardian App "my account" page displays emergency contacts, vehicles, 9-1-1 profile sharing, and medical history information
    The GW Guardian app "My Account" page.



    Customize your personal account to develop a rich profile of information to share with emergency services and safety officials,

    A Picture

    Making it easier for safety officials and first responders to recognize you.

    Contact Information

    Additional methods of contacting you.

    Emergency Contacts

    Who emergency services should contact in case of an emergency.

    Your Medical History

    To include: allergies, medications (and any notable side effects), disabilities, if you use a pacemaker, and any medical conditions such as diabetes, asthma, heart disease, Alzheimers, or dementia.

    Vehicle information

    In case of accidents or stolen vehicles.

    Safety Timer: A Step-By-Step Guide