Services We Offer

The George Washington University Police Department provides a range of services to the GW community that play an important role in our community policing efforts. Please explore the information provided in this section and take advantage of the programs and opportunities provided.




GWPD collects found items from all of our campuses for safekeeping. Items can be claimed at the below listed location.  Hours during the period of instructional continuity are Monday thru Friday from 8am to 3pm.

Location: 2145 G Street NW
Phone: (202) 994-6948
Email: [email protected]

GWPD provides a wide array of services for victims, witnesses, and any other affected parties of crimes. These services are coordinated by the Office of Advocacy & Support. Any GW student, faculty or staff member who has experienced being the victim of a crime in any form (physical, economical, or psychological) is encouraged to take advantage of this resource. This office works closely with the GW Title IX Office, and we encourage you to seek additional information on the Haven website.

Visit the Office of Advocacy & Support section of our website

The Threat Assessment Team is a cross-functional team comprised of a variety of University offices that addresses concerns about threatening behavior that could result in violence directed towards the students, faculty, and staff of the George Washington University. The goal of the Threat Assessment Team is to evaluate behavior that individuals perceive as warning signs for future violent or self-destructive actions. The team can be rapidly convened in order to assess situations whenever they arise. Concerning and threatening behavior can occur in a variety of ways, and all threats should be taken seriously.

Call the Team if someone's actions, words, or writing makes you feel threatened or concerned in any way. A call to GWPD will activate the Team for imminent concerns, or you may report concerning behavior online for non-imminent concerns.

Call GWPD - Emergency    Report Concerning Behavior Online - Non-Emergency

Operation Identification allows individuals to engrave uniquely identifiable numbers into their expensive items. In the case an item gets stolen and is recovered, the engravings allow officers to return the items to their owners.

Stop by Rome Hall 101 to learn more about these services.

The GWPD Honor Guard was created in 2005 and provides ceremonial services for funeral services, presentation of colors, parades and more. For more information or to have the GWPD Honor Guard at your upcoming event, please contact Sergeant Francis Williams ([email protected]).